Metallic Filters made from perforated metal and woven wire mesh from Bridgwater Filters

Metallic Filters from Brigwater FiltersConstructed around your specific requirements, Bridgwater’s offers you a partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to build a filter to suit your application – using experience that has shown the need to develop & trial to achieve a desired result.

Bridgwater’s have facilities to roll & spot weld, solder & assemble combined with an extensive resource of pressing tooling to enable most disc & tubular filter designs to be catered for. If we don’t have the tools we can’t make them – tell us what you need!

As a stockholder of key filtration materials, Bridgwater’s has a comprehensive stock resource from which to successfully achieve customer filter design requirements. Hundreds of perforated patterns and types of woven wire mesh are kept on stock, making lead times short – a must in modern manufacturing. Our perforated sheets are stocked from as small as 0.75 mm diameter holes to 20 mm diameter holes and from 0.60 mm thick to 6 mm thick. 

Our filters are used in some of the most high-tech & fundamental equipment in use today. Various applications are covered including mining, petrochemical, agricultural and fluid & gas transfer. Many of these are designed for safety applications such as those required in hydraulic lines typically fluid control & cleansing. Bridgwater’s can offer a solution! Using existing & proven metallic filtration materials such as perforated metals & woven wire meshes, greater filter expectancy & improved performance are achieved.

So if you have a filter requirement there is only one answer – contact Bridgwater Filters, the filter experts, today!

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Metallic filters

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