Bridgwater Filters Ltd receive `Exceptional Satisfaction` Certificate !

As any of you who visit our website regularly, will have noticed, QMS conducted the yearly Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire on behalf of Bridgwater Filters Ltd. Thanks to any of you who took part, it`s much appreciated. We are delighted to reveal that the final result was of `Exceptional Satisfaction` for the supply of Perforated Sheet, Woven Wire Mesh and Welded Wire Mesh. We will strive over the next twelve months to increase this to `Unbelievable Satisfaction` ! Joking aside there are always things to improve on and the honesty and advice from customers is paramount to this. It`s always welcomed so if there are any bits of advice whether positive or negative that may aid the continuous improvement of Bridgwater Filters supply of Perforated metal and mesh we would be happy to hear from you! Please contact Doug on e-mail

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