Fly mesh, fly screen whatever you want to call it, lets stop those little critters !

I am sure you are all enjoying the wonderful weather this summer, the only thing that can spoil it are those little flies and midges getting into your kitchens and work areas !

We have the perfect product to cover your louvered windows, doorways, vents etc, woven wire mesh !

It`s simple to cut with sharp scissors, bend and form. It can also be affixed by stapling,  glueing, screwing etc !

We stock it in Stainless Steel 304 grade so it will last !

We recommend from 16 mesh up to 30 mesh for any application. For samples just drop us a line – phone no: 0121 525 6901

Check out our stock list of mesh here – downloadable catalogue

Scroll down to the bottom page and all the woven wire meshes are on there that we stockhold !

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